Oh, the humanity! How can Golf Digest permit such embarrassing errors to be published?

Feb 15, 2020

Earlier today, Golf Digest published an article authored by "senior instruction writer" Matthew Rudy which contains two errors that are, IMO, "beyond belief." The piece revisits an instruction article published in the June 1953 issue of GD that was authored by Johnny Revolta, a star golfer of the 1930s who had become by then a well-regarded instructor. The article, copied below, was illustrated with a swing sequence of the inimitable Sam Snead:

However, incredibly, Rudy somehow thought it was Revolta who was swinging the club:
Just to be 100% sure Rudy mistakes Revolta for Sam, he confirms it a few paragraphs later:
As anyone familiar with the two stars knows, they don't look anything alike, and neither do their swings (see for yourself in the video at the beginning of this blog):

Worse still, Rudy claims Revolta was the "soon-to-be 1953 PGA champion":
Uh, not exactly. Revolta won the 1935 PGA: Walter Burkemo would win the 1953 edition. How is it possible that mistakes this blatant make it into "print" at Golf Digest?

As for the content of Rudy's article, it's some usual drivel about "ground forces" that isn't particularly illuminating. Revolta's writing and the pictures of Snead really don't capture the explosiveness that some long-hitting players use extending the lead leg in in the second half of the downswing. A better alternative is found in a "review" article by Revolta that appeared in the December 1953 issue, which has a nice sequence of Bob Toski, a very long hitter for his size, and who has leg action similar to some of today's long-hitting stars, like Justin Thomas:

Maybe this comparison was all that was needed to show that, like most things in golf, "using the ground" is nothing new....

A link to the offending article is here:


**24-hour update**

24 hours later, the misidentification of Snead has been corrected, but the crack team at GD still has Revolta dubbed the "soon-to-be 1953 PGA champion"...

**48-hour update**

48 hours after posting, GD still has Revolta as the "soon-to-be 1953 PGA champion"...

**72-hour update**

Yep, still the "soon-to-be 1953 PGA champion"...

**Four month update - April 15**

Not fixed yet...


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