Oh, the humanity, Part Deux! Golf Digest's Matt Rudy does it again!

May 05, 2020

Back in February, Golf Digest's Matt Rudy authored an article where he inexplicably mistook Sam Snead's swing for that of Johnny Revolta. He also incorrectly claimed that Revolta won the 1953 PGA championship, which was, in fact, won by Walter Burkemo. Revolta did win a PGA, but it was in 1935. Those careless blunders were the subject of this TAG blog post:


Perhaps more bizarre is the fact that, to this very day, the article remains uncorrected with respect to the 1953 PGA title, even though I pointed that out to Rudy a few weeks ago:

I guess factual accuracy doesn't matter to Matt or Golf Digest, so this latest mistake shouldn't be a surprise.

Earlier today, Rudy and Golf Digest published an article titled "The most intriguing grips in pro golf." Not missing a beat, Rudy misidentifies the very first grip examined, Ben Hogan's:

First off, Getty identifies the picture as being created in 1955, not 1947:

More importantly, the picture shows the exact opposite of what is claimed: it is a picture of Hogan's grip in 1955, after the 1947 weakening. The picture was part of the legendary article "This Is My Secret," authored by Hogan, published in the August 4, 1955 issue of Life magazine, and is shown below as it appeared in the article. It's purpose is to illustrate the change Hogan would make in the geometry of the back of his left wrist, from flat to cupped, when he wanted to use the "secret" and hit a fade, not to illustrate the change in grip strength he made in 1947, which is illustrated at the end of the article. As Hogan explains in the article, he did not use the "secret," and the cupped left wrist, on every shot, he employed it only when he wanted to hit a fade. When he didn't want a fade, his left wrist looked like the picture on the left.

This pair of pictures illustrate the weakening of Hogan's left hand that he made in 1947:
Any knowledgeable observer can tell that the club below is being held in a "neutral" or "weak" grip because the angle of the club face runs right through the left forearm, instead of angled more upwards, more facing the sky.

 Can't Golf Digest do better than this? You can find Rudy's latest mess here:



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